Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why girls talk so much?

Guys have always been wondering about this very thing about a girl's characteristic. The characteristic of being utterly talkative.
Recently, I came across an excellent response to why she's telking about her toothpaste, why she wants you tn know how her friend got her new sandals, the yellow flower on her new top...and all the blah blah that guys 'think is useless' stuff.
Let's get into why people talk, and how the two genders infer 'T.A.L.K.'
Talking is a way of communication. Everyone knows how important is to communicate, and that too both ways! Not just listening or talking. Effective communication occurs when words flow both ways, and not just superficially, but deep either into the hearts (emotion talks) or into the brains (decisive/brainy talks) or both!!!
Talking about HE and SHE, keeping suspense about the latter, when HE talks, whatever he talks is about opinions, discussions, experiences. Guys would usually discuss matters, gather opinions, argument, share experiences and get to worthwhile conclusions.
All those of you gals out there, don't take that as a negative. Its not that you don't talk worthwhile, but its that a female communication is different!
Now here's the main course!
When a Girl talks, she isn't concerned about the fact that her talks would lead to conclusions or not, what she longs for while communicating is nothing but the communication itself! She just wants to share her things and what happens and surrounds her. What things pleases her and that you "ought" to be knowing (as SHE would take it to be). It doesn't matter if all that she talks about makes sense or not. Not even that it should increase anybody's knowledge or experiences. What really matters to her when talking is just that she talks and has a conversation, which seems to be the most important. She wants you to just talk to her, and nothing else. A girl wouldn't want to be judged, (or misjudged anyway!), but that she has a pleasant time. And well, when she connects it all, its just too good for her and for the other person as well. Moreover, she talks so much, wants you to listen just because she wants to share her life with the person that she is talking to. (Of course, you might think yourself lucky, if you're the lucky one to have her secrets as well! That's good going :P)
So, you see. What she's saying isn't supposed to be overheard and boring talks. If you take interest positively, a girl's talking can really have really positive implications.
So, next time, don't just HEAR, but LISTEN to her!
Have a Nice Day!

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