Monday, March 25, 2013

I can't...

I can't give solutions to all of your life's problems,

But I can listen to you and together we will search for an answer.I can't keep your feet from stumbling,

I can only offer my hand that you may grasp it and not fall.
I can't keep your heart from breaking or hurting,

But I can cry with you and help you smile again
I can't promise you happiness always,

But I can only share with you what life offers and be your FRIEND FOREVER.

A Women's day dedication

I might be posting this a bit late, but this was what I wrote on Women's day, dedicated to all the Women in my life, especially my Mummy :)


some say she's wrong..
I say she's strong

Some say she does hurries
I say she just worries

Birthgiver and second to none
When you're down she is the only one.

She is a best friend, sister and  soulmate
The one you shouldn't try n' checkmate

Rough as a rock or smooth as silk
Pulling apart her only will.

All in the glamour and the red
Noone saw that a tear she has shed.

To all those that she considers  dear
When it matters, she won't fear.

She doesn't seem to be given a chance
When what she wants is to have a stance.

Just look into her eyes, she wants to share,
Adore the damsel and give her some care.